Cloud Email

I partnered with a large cloud hosting provider, to offer affordable email for small business with large mailboxes and great spam control. That is backed by TUCOWS.

Web Presents

Small Website using one of many online services or just a one-page site I can help you. Why build it when you can use a services that specialize in website design and easy to use tools to update. 

Web Application

I have helped a few clients find the perfect web application to help run their business. From customer relationships to invoicing. Most of these applications are subscription based I help test drive a few to see what will work best for them.

Local Network & Wifi

How I started and still a large portion of my business just making sure computers, printers and more can connect to each other. Making sure wired and wireless devices have stable connection.

Computer Support

Some many applications are moving to apps or websites, but a computer is still are the fastest way to do data entry. I support many computers Windows and Mac locally, so small businesses stay working.


My business is catered to small businesses. You know who you are. Small enough not to have a full time IT person but big enough to have technolog problems. I work mostly with local businesses.