Website Builders

There are so many website building tools out there here is a small list of a few. These that have been around a while. No particular order. Each ones have positive and negatives. All offer a free demo. Take one for a spin. 

There are parts of the setup that can be difficult or you are not sure where to start. That’s where I come in. Over the years I have built sites from scratch and used a few tools but these online builders make it so much easier. For most small business sites they are perfect. 

Weebly $12-$38/month

  • A Square company not much you can’t do here. Basic businesses website to ecommerce. 

Wix $13-$39/month

  • Many templates available offers ecommerce also. I have seen some cool sites in WIX. One drawback last I heard it’s hard to change templates. 

Squarespace $12-$40/month

  • Squarespace offers many mobile friendly templates and exceptional support. They have many amazing tutorials online. 

Pagevamp $12-$15/month

  • This builder has one purpose connected you facebook posts to your website. It does it well. The ecommerce module is hard to use. For many small businesses this is all you need. $20-$99/year

  • Very basic tool think about as taking your business card and putting it online. This tool does that and makes it look nice in the process.  

If you are not sure which one might work best for you bussiness please contact me I'm sure I can help guide you. 

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