Get Your Own Web Address For Your Etsy Store

Step 1

Go to* Type in the search box a name with or without .com. It will find you options.


Step 2

You will see what domain names or web address are available if there is a plus sign you can buy it. 

Sometimes you get a Make An Offer it's almost always crazy money they want.  


Step 3

Just click the + to add it to you cart. 


Step 4

Click Proced To Cart very similar to any other ecommerce enter you info and credit card information and checkout. The total you see is what you will pay yearly to keep the domain.


Step 5

To get the domain to point to your Etsy store. Login if you are not already go to Your Account > Domains

Click the domain you just bought.


Step 6

Now the fun part click the etsy icon. 


Step 7

Enter your store name it is the name without any spaces from Etsy. It takes about 15-20 minutes to be active. For this customer brokenbonepetproduct


As long as you pay the above fee every year it will point to you etsy shop, trust me you will get email reminders. 

Hover does offer email if you want it just click Email Options on checkout that is for another post to explain that.

 * This is an affiliate link for me. Hover is backed by Tucows one of largest domain name regitrars in the world. 


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